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Cloud Phone Systems  


A cloud phone system is based on the internet, giving you the ability to make calls from just about any device. Cloud-based systems provide you with a great deal of flexibility and many features that were very costly before, Now they are affordable and perfect for most small business needs.



Tech Fort partners with DLS Internet's award-winning cloud PBX solution.  The customizable features of this system make it best in class.  Whatever you need to do can be customized by Tech Fort to meet your most difficult telephony requirements. 


Cloud phone systems offer the best of the old "landline" phones for reliability and call quality—with the nimbleness of modern service: texting, unlimited calls, conferencing, mobility choices, frequent upgrades, and around-the-clock customer support. Conventional landlines and PBXs just can’t keep up.  



Tech Fort uses a highly customizable cloud-based PBX system that gives our clients more flexibility than even the most robust cloud systems.  We take the time to personalize each system to the needs of the client and follow up with superior support and service.  



Contact us today for a quote for your business! 

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