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Managed Support

Just like very large companies, small businesses desire their technology to work and operate in an efficient manner and to be able to keep up with their competition.


Reliance on IT continues to grow, Your IT resources need to support this increasingly complex environment and they may not.  Many small businesses, do not have budgets for dedicated IT resources and can quickly be overwhelmed by events that come up.

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If you don’t monitor and keep up with backups, patching, and security, you could be looking at a major IT outage at some point that could have a major negative impact on your business.  If an Email server stops communicating, your financial software stops working or the network goes down, you could be looking at substantial productivity and revenue losses as a result. 


Tech Fort has extensive monitoring and remote support capabilities to help you mitigate and manage any major risk to your business.  We have partnerships and relationships with vendors and providers to help us help you quickly resolve and proactively control your IT assets and to minimize any impact of events that come up.

Server Installation
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