Review of the Dell XPS machines

Updated: May 25

When you do support for a living you quickly learn what makes a computer perform well. This Laptop is a great buy.

I promote the XPS line of laptops to my clients because of their speed and longevity, until just this week I was using a 10 year old XPS desktop. It had performed well and I didn't have a reason to drop 2k on another machine until recently when it started to slow down and "Act it's age".

Here's are the reasons I like XPS from Dell...

1. The NVIDIA RTX video card. NVIDIA RTX is the new standard for all game programmers. I never was much of a gamer but I do like edit Video and use other Video intensive software. Occasionally I will play a game with my son. RTX is where it's at for the near future for GPUs.

2. The 1TB SSD Drive. While 1TB is not a lot by todays standards it's plenty for me and I usually store the rest in Google Drive or One Drive, Don't EVER buy another machine with a "Moving Parts" Hard Disk, It will be much slower and bog down your machine.

3. 16gigs of RAM is the minimum needed in the Windows 10 and beyond world. With Windows 10, opening multiple browsers tabs, and software programs will start to eat up your RAM in a hurry. Interestingly enough (even though Microsoft denies it) Windows 11 needs that minimum standard as well. Anything less and you will have a slow box in a hurry. Let this be a gentle warning to you. 16 or more OR you WILL be sorry.

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